MSc Public Health

Justin Hayde-West, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I think the research will be valuable firstly in understanding the existing impact of pharmacy professionals on the improved care of patients as I feel this is an area which is not always well captured due to the weaker research culture within the pharmacy profession when compared to some other healthcare professionals. I also think that the research would contribute towards shaping initiatives in the future which could be used to both improve patient care and the visibility and impact of the pharmacy profession. I think this would particularly related to the PRUK vision of promoting the practice of pharmacy (particularly in the UK) and advancing and promoting the knowledge and skill in relation to the practice of pharmacy. I had the opportunity to complete a paper on data driven care within pharmacy in conjunction with the other 2017/18 clinical fellows and see this as a further opportunity to enhance and spread the knowledge in relation to this topic.

This project began on 01/10/2019. The final report is available to view here.