Research Guidance

We understand that putting together a grant application can be a challenging feat, especially if you are new to research. This is why the team at PRUK have developed some research guidance to help you think about the steps and measures you need to take when preparing a grant application for funding.

Preparing your PRUK research application

Although this guidance is directed at applications within PRUK, the basic principles can transfer to many of the different funding opportunities that are available as the core information requested by each funder is similar.

You may also wish to read our blogs that are updated continuously with the latest updates, which include tips on developing your application. You can see the latest blog on how to develop your application here.

The PRUK team also gave a presentation on how to develop an application for the BOPA-PRUK Research Award scheme, which contains some useful information on the key considerations of putting a grant application together.

Partnership with the RPS

Our collaborative relationship with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) means that we can benefit from additional research resources and we are able to pass this on to pharmacy researchers. We work closely with the RPS to develop guidance for researchers across the profession:

See the RPS science and Research Guidance Hub for additional guidance at every stage of the research cycle.

1:1 Grant Support

If you are looking for support in putting together a grant application or looking for ways to engage in research then book one of the monthly RPS Research Surgeries for support

Your local Research Design Service can help support you to develop research proposals.

RPS/PRUK Research Proposal Writing Course

PRUK and the RPS are joining forces to run a two day research proposal writing workshop on the 6th and 7th March 2018 for pharmacists who are looking to apply for research funding this year. The workshop covers the proposal writing process from start to finish and is designed to provide grounding in how to submit a successful application. The two day course will consist of six sessions covering topics such as how to identify an appropriate funding stream, build a case for a funding application, choose the right research method and carry out data processing and analysis. The course will be run by Professor Felicity Smith from the UCL School of Pharmacy and aims to provide attendees with the awareness, skills and tools to write a well thought-out and achievable research proposal.

More information on the workshop is available here