Help to fund pharmacy research

Thank-youYour support is vital to ensure we are able to fund the next generation of pharmacy researchers and to encourage research into pharmacy practice as a positive career option.

If we are to continue to fund research projects at the level that we do now, the organisation is going to have to work hard to raise a further £250,000 per year.

But you can help!  A £10 donation per month might not sound a lot, but these small sums can really add up and will help continue and expand our ability to fund all sorts of pharmacy research.

Could you help?  If so, you can donate by PayPal (using your debit or credit card) on a one off basis or on a regular basis.  It will make a difference.  If you would like to know more about what we are doing to raise money for pharmacy research please email Dr Rachel Joynes, who leads the charity.


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