Project Grants

Please note that this scheme is now closed. If you would like more information or you would like to discuss ideas and research projects then please contact us at: office@pharmresuk.org.uk

Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK) is excited to announce the launch of PRUK Project Grants, a new funding award scheme designed to focus on the advancement of research within pharmacy for the benefit of patients and the public. The focus of this funding is to advance pharmacy research for the overall benefit of patients and the public, by addressing the main priorities and issues prevalent in the field today. Priority will be awarded to projects and research areas that align with one of the PRUK strategic priorities. For further information, please see PRUK’s strategic priorities. Research areas that fall outside of these priorities will also be considered.

For more information on the overall process of the grants or to find out more about the eligibility of the scheme please see the output from our webinar:

Project grants presentation

Project grants webinar text

Project grants webinar Q&A

The funding limit for PRUK Project Grants is £100,000, for a maximum duration of 24 months, with a budget of £300k available. The grants process is split into two stages:

Stage 1

Applicants will need to complete and submit an outline proposal (Stage 1 form), which serves to provide an overview of the proposal and contains the information necessary for the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) to decide whether a full application should be invited. Please note that all relevant sections of the application form must be completed, otherwise the application may be withdrawn.

Upon submission, the application is reviewed by the PRUK team to determine whether administrative components have been addressed and that the application fits the remit of the Charity. Once the application has passed this process, the SAP will assess the application and finalise its recommendations. Applicants will be informed by email of the outcome of their application and whether they are invited to submit a Stage 2 application.

Stage 2 (by invitation only)

Applicants successful at Stage 1 will need to complete and submit a full proposal (Stage 2 form), which serves to provide further information and detail on the research topic, including the proposal’s relevance, governance and a detailed breakdown of the finances. Patient and Public Involvement is also a requirement of these grants. A Stage 2 form will only be accepted following the successful submission of a Stage 1 form. Please note that all relevant sections must be completed in order for the application form to be accepted.

Stage 2 applications will undergo peer review and further review by the SAP before a final recommendation is made. Applicants will be notified of the final outcome of their application via email.


PRUK Project Grants are open to researchers who wish to investigate an issue prevalent within the field of Pharmacy research, to advance research within the field and benefit patients and the public. Please note that only research proposals hosted by a UK based organisation will be considered. Applicants from international organisations are welcome to collaborate on proposals and get involved as co-applicants, however the Principal Investigator and organisation overseeing the research will need to be based in the UK.

Pharmacy Research UK will not pay the costs of any overheads. As PRUK receive funding from voluntary donations, it is important that the funds are paid towards direct research activities. Universities can receive funding for their overheads from the Charity Research Support Funding available from the Funding Council in the region.


Deadline for the submission of the Stage 1 applications: N/A

Please note the following submission times for Stage 2 applications (by invitation only): N/A

Stage 2 application submission deadline (including supporting documents): N/A

Wet-ink copy of Declarations and Signatures page (sent by post): N/A

Please note that submissions after this time will not be accepted. Please send a word (.doc) and PDF (.pdf) version of your completed application form via email, quoting your Stage 1 reference number, to office@pharmresuk.org.uk

Guidance and Application Forms

Stage 1 Application form (for information only)

Stage 2 Application form (for information only)

Stage 2 Guidance notes (for information only)

Please see below for an approximate timeline of events:

For further information about Project Grants please email office@pharmresuk.org.uk or call 02075722425. Pharmacy Research UK adheres to the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) principles of peer review.

PRUK is looking for peer reviewers for this grants scheme.  If you are interested please fill in the form below and email it to office.@pharmresuk.org.uk.

Peer Reviewer Expression of Interest Form