Awards and Bursaries

The 2022 awards and bursaries funding round is open. Submit your application by 1pm on Wednesday 20th April!

Pharmacy Research UK provide awards and bursaries to those involved in pharmacy research. We support a number of smaller grants to develop research capacity, called Research Development Awards. These enable small scale research projects that may not be eligible for funding from other bodies, to be undertaken. Pharmacists registered in the UK are eligible to apply for these awards. If you are interested in applying to any of our partnership schemes, please click on the relevant link for further details on the eligibility criteria.

Our grant making process is underpinned by a national competitive process and a robust research governance framework, in line with principles of the Association of Medical Research Charities.

Research Training Bursaries

Research training bursaries provide funding for community and primary care pharmacists who have an interest in developing their skills in conducting research relating to every day practice. There are now two levels of funding within this scheme.

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Research Development Awards

This unique funding scheme is designed to build capacity in pharmacy practice and is vital for developing a research active pharmacy profession.  This research can underpin the development of a strong evidence base to inform pharmacy’s current and future contribution to patient benefit and public health.  Previous recipients have undertaken research in areas such as public health, health economics, infection management, organisational psychology and over the counter prescribing.

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BOPA-PRUK Research Award

The BOPA-PRUK Research Award (jointly funded by BOPA and PRUK) is designed for pharmacy professionals in oncology and haematology to undertake research projects in translational and health service related to oncology and haematology pharmacy, with a focus on patient benefit.

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CMHP-PRUK Research Award

The CMHP-PRUK Research Award (jointly funded by CMHP and PRUK) is a great opportunity for pharmacy professionals to undertake practice research for the benefit of patients with mental illness, and which contribute to enhancing the quality of care with psychiatric medicines through improving pharmaceutical services or ensuring safe and effective use of medicines.

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Psoriasis Association-PRUK Research Award

The Psoriasis Association-PRUK Research Award (jointly funded by the Psoriasis Association and PRUK) is designed for pharmacy research into psoriasis, including how people with psoriasis can benefit from pharmacy services.

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NIHR Pre-doctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship (PCAF)

The NIHR Pre-doctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship is available to professionals who wish to develop clinical academic careers. The PCAF is open to early career researchers who can have salaried time to prepare an application for funding, in order to provide the skills necessary to access doctoral level funding. We are pleased to be supporting pharmacists who wish to apply to this scheme.

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WoW-PRUK Research Project Grants

The Wellbeing of Women-PRUK Research Project Grants is open to researchers who wish to conduct pharmacy research into a range of health issues relating to women’s reproductive and gynaecological health.

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Peer Review and Selection
Peer review is the process by which applications for grants to PRUK are judged by experts within a relevant research field. Peer review should be independent and carried out by individuals who have no conflicts of interest with both the institution and individual applying to PRUK for funding. PRUK adheres to the guidelines set by the Association of Medical Research Charities.

Applications will be assessed and shortlisted through a process of expert peer review. For Research Development Awards and our partnership schemes, this consists of each application being independently reviewed by at least two external reviewers, as well as four members of our Scientific Advisory Panel. Shortlisted applicants from the Research Development Awards and Research Training Bursary scheme will be invited to interview to discuss their application, which will include a presentation from the applicant, followed by questions from the interview panel.

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Success rate in 2021
Approximately 40% of applications received in 2021 for PRUK awards and bursaries were funded.

2022 Awards and Bursaries Timetable

2022 PRUK awards and bursaries launch24th January 2022
2022 PRUK awards and bursaries deadline1pm on 20th April 2022
Applicants notified of initial outcome (i.e. invitation to interview stage)1st July 2022
Online interviews (for research development awards and Level 2 bursaries only)11th & 12th July 2022
Applicants notified of final outcome 29th July 2022

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