Peer Reviewers

Why is peer review important?

Peer review is the process where experts review the work of other researchers in the same topic area of discipline to ensure that the scientific integrity of the work is upheld. Peer reviewers are primarily involved in assessing applications for research funding and form a crucial part of the funding decision process.  However, peer reviewers are also involved in assessing research articles pending publication in academic journals, in addition to reviewing research project reports and extension requests for ongoing projects. Peer review is highly valuable throughout all stages of the research process as it ensures that the scrutiny of the work is conducted objectively, allowing the researcher to consider the wider implications of the work that is conducted and where possible improvements to quality and validity can be made.

Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK) adheres to the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) principles of peer review and we are continuously seeking new peer reviewers from a range of pharmacy, health service, medical and methodological backgrounds to be involved in the peer review process. We have a range of funding schemes that we operate and would benefit from further expertise through peer review, extending from our Personal Research Awards to the Project Grants.

PRUK are looking to widen the pool of peer reviewers to ensure access to expertise across a broad range of topics within pharmacy research.  We are seeking to recruit volunteers with pharmacy, health services research, social science, medical and methodological backgrounds.

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for PRUK please fill out a Peer Reviewer Expression of Interest Form and email it to office@pharmresuk.org.uk.