Our Story

Pharmacy Research UK is the principal research charity supporting pharmacists and pharmacy to improve healthcare for the benefit of patients and the public.

We were founded in 2012 when two charitable trusts, the Pharmacy Practice Research Trust (PPRT) and the Pharmaceutical Trust for Educational and Charitable Objects (PTECO), agreed to combine their resources to maximise their impact.

Pharmacy Research UK funds capacity building and original research to help pharmacy and pharmacists improve the public’s health and deliver better outcomes for patients.  While we are a relatively new organisation we have  a legacy of supporting and promoting pharmacy research since the late 1990s, which provides a strong foundation for this ambition.

Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision of improving the health of the public through excellence in pharmacy research is a long-term challenge. The following purpose statements outline how we address this challenge:

To promote research into the practice of pharmacy (particularly in the UK) and to publish the useful results of such research

  • Supporting the production of timely evidence that informs policy and practice relating to pharmacy’s contribution to the health of the public, medicines and their use.
  • Publishing and disseminating results to ensure knowledge results in benefits for patients, the public and pharmacy professionals.

To promote the health of the public by educating pharmacists (particularly in the UK) in order to enhance the standard of healthcare available to the public

  • Building pharmacy practice research capacity and capability through training bursaries, postgraduate research funding, fellowships and grants.
  • Developing a new generation of academic and clinical experts who can lead the debate and inform thinking, particularly within the pharmacy sector.

To advance and promote knowledge and skill in relation to the practice of pharmacy (particularly in the UK) for the public good

  • Providing a forum in which the research implications can be considered in the widest possible policy context.
  • Engaging stakeholders, stimulating debate and spreading knowledge about medicines and their use to the wider healthcare community and the public.

Our Work

Our existing portfolio of research is focused on the use of medicines and their place in society; our projects encompass social, economic and clinical research as well as projects supporting the development of aspiring researchers.

For more information see our research.