AMRC Open Research

PRUK have partnered with other AMRC charities to provide a platform where researchers are able to rapidly publish the results of their research. Whether you want to publish an article, data notes, or anything in-between, the AMRC Open Research platform is here for you.

One of the benefits of the Open Research platform is, as the name suggests, that anyone can access the findings. An open-access platform ensures that research findings (and other valuable outputs) are available to everyone, in a relatively quick turnaround. This ensures that research findings are published at the most relevant time. Furthermore, the usual delays experienced in publishing an output are mitigated as the peer review process is conducted online. This allows readers to view live peer review comments and also see the authors responses to those comments. This transparency can have a positive impact on the quality of peer reviews submitted.

Another positive about the Open Research platform, at this moment, is that the article processing fee (APC) is being waived until September 2021! This is a great opportunity to get your research findings published on the platform for no additional cost, and means that you have access to a wide-ranging, unrestricted, open-access readership. Whether the results are positive or negative, there is value in publishing your findings in a rapid manner for other researchers to cite, as needed. This can also contribute to preventing research wastage.

If you are thinking of applying to us and have developed a research proposal, or you are currently undertaking a piece of PRUK-funded research, or have recently completed a PRUK-funded project, the Open Research platform can accept a range of outputs covering different stages of your research journey.

The AMRC Open Research platform is managed by F1000Research, who have a dedicated team to support you with any queries you have on the platform.