Implementation and Improvement Science Module (30 credit) Kings College London; Measurement and Evaluation in Healthcare Module (15 credit) Kings College London

Farida Butt, King’s College London

I would like to complete two compulsory modules that form part of the MSc Implementation and Improvement Science at Kings College London. The modules will be taught in lectures on key topics, seminars that complement the lecture content and workshops. 

I wish to learn how to plan and deliver an effective improvement or implementation project, to think about the improvement or research question in a logical way, to consider different designs and methods that can be used, and the pros and cons of each. By studying these modules I will learn about the importance of measurement – how to discover if an improvement or implementation project is actually making a positive difference, or whether there are any unintended consequences – and how to evaluate the effectiveness of different implementation strategies.  In addition  I will learn research and project management skills, including how to present my findings clearly to different audiences, using a range of communication and dissemination strategies. 

The implementation and improvement science module is assessed by a 2000 word essay and a poster presentation. The essay will be worth 60% of my final module mark and the poster presentation will be worth 40%.I will be given a number of clinical scenarios, where an improvement challenge or problem needs to be addressed. I will choose one of these scenarios and state how I would tackle this improvement challenge or problem. I will have to tackle the improvement challenge or problem by developing an intervention, using the appropriate theory and tools. Information on the steps I have taken to develop my intervention, how I would monitor both its short and long-term success, as well as how I  would account for barriers to implementation. I will be expected to produce a 2000 word essay detailing my plans. I will also be expected to deliver a presentation on how I plan to address the improvement challenge, placing particular emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of my approach. The presentation will be delivered from the position that I am an NHS employee and am trying to convince my employer of the merits of my approach over those of other employees. 

The measurement and evaluation in healthcare module is also assessed by a 2000 word essay involving a critical comparison of two research approaches, used to investigate a similar clinical topic. One study will demonstrate a quantitative design and one will demonstrate a qualitative design. 

would also like to gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of quantitative, qualitative data analysis to help me with these modules and any future research. I would also like therefore to attend one day courses on understanding statistical concepts and basic tests (as this is an area where I am particular weak in) and different approaches to thematic analysis techniques. I would do these training workshops in London with the Social Research Association who have also partnered withNatCen Social Research. Their training sessions run throughout the year. 

This project ran from October 2016 to April 2018.