Funding opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians

By Desh Mofidi, Research Manager

In April 2023, The PRUK Board of Trustees and the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) Chair gathered together to discuss PRUK’s future, including reviewing PRUK’s research strategy and the funding schemes that we currently offer. We covered a wide range of topics, focused around how we could deliver the greatest possible impact from the resources that we have available. One of the many important considerations that were discussed at this meeting was around the pharmacy workforce and our role in creating and supporting opportunities for pharmacy professionals to develop research skills and experience.

In my role as research manager for Pharmacy Research UK I have presented to many groups of pharmacy professionals across the country, and one of the consistent comments I received was around the lack of research support for pharmacy technicians. It was clear that there was a strong appetite from pharmacy technicians to engage and actively pursue research as part of their professional development. But going right back to our inception just over a decade ago the majority of PRUK’s funding streams have been restricted specifically to ‘registered pharmacists’.

This prompted a question, which we have explored in depth in our SAP meetings, and it was clear that there was both a desire and a need to review our eligibility criteria to ensure that we can truly fulfil our charitable obligations to improve pharmacy research and recognise the role that all professionals in pharmacy have in contributing to the pharmacy research landscape.

We were thrilled when our Board of Trustees approved the recommendation to open funding to all ‘registered pharmacy professionals’, meaning that we can now offer pharmacy technicians, in addition to pharmacists, the chance to develop research skills, gain research experience and add value to the pharmacy research landscape over the short and long term.

This year presents an exciting point in our charitable history, as we seek to not only increase the scope of opportunities available for pharmacy professionals, but to also increase the overall amount of funding towards research and training in the schemes we are offering.

For further information about our current funding round, please visit this page.

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