2016 PRUK Project Grants: The story so far

The PRUK Project Grants launched in August 2016 and are designed to directly advance pharmacy research for the overall benefit of patients and the public. Priority of funding will be provided to good quality applications that are aligned with either of the following areas:

  • Medicines optimisation and pharmaceutical care
  • Accessing medicines in the modern era
  • The roles and competencies of pharmacy technicians
  • Patient / professional experience and understanding of pharmacy
  • The contribution of pharmacy to public health

The Project Grants scheme is structured in two stages. The first stage is intended to provide an overview of the research proposal, where the research question, aims, methods and outcomes were assessed by the Scientific Advisory Panel. An impressive 66 applications were submitted to the Stage 1 phase, all outlining important research topics. The round was very competitive and 13 applicants have been invited to submit a full Stage 2 proposal. The Stage 2 application will contain a breakdown of all the details of the proposal, including the arrangements for Patient and Public Involvement, which is a crucial consideration for these large scale grants as the research looks to benefit patients in the short-mid term.

We are expecting the full Stage 2 applications to be submitted in January 2017, where they will be assessed by external peer reviewers and finally assessed by our Scientific Advisory Panel, where the final funding decisions will be made.

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