Researchfish - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should submit information to Researchfish?

As a Pharmacy Research UK Award holder, you should have received an invitation from Researchfish to register and submit data. Please use the link provided in that email to register with Researchfish.

Please note that if you already have a Researchfish account (as the recipient of a grant from another funding agency) you should follow the instructions to add your Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK) Award or grant to your existing account.

Please note: if you have more than one grant with us then you will receive an email about each of them, asking that you add their outcome details to Researchfish. You will need to click on the link in each email and follow the instructions to add each grant to your account.

If you have not received such an email for each of your PRUK grants, please contact the Researchfish support desk at:

Once you have registered with Researchfish, you can add the details of one or more delegates who you would like to enter data on your behalf. However, please note that only principal grant holders can submit information to PRUK.

When should I submit information to Researchfish?

Once you have added your grant(s) and or award(s) to Researchfish you will need to:

·         Start building your research portfolio to record your research outcomes.

·         Keep your portfolio updated throughout the year. This will create less work when it comes time to submit.

·         Contact PRUK directly about new publications that might result in media coverage related to your research.

·         Submit a Researchfish update to us once yearly (you will be reminded of the deadline date). For PRUK, the submission period runs from September to October but you can update your profile anytime during the year.


How do I submit information to Researchfish? 

Once you have logged in to Researchfish, please go to the ‘My Awards’ section, where your grants will be visible.

Most of the sections are composed of set questions with answers that can be selected using drop-down menus. If you hold more than one grant in your Researchfish portfolio, you can enter outcome information that is relevant to all of them.

Once you have entered data into the relevant sections (see below), please attribute these outcomes to your PRUK grant and submit the details to us by the appropriate deadline. For further support, you can watch videos which help to guide you through the system.

What outcomes should I submit to Researchfish? 

Your portfolio is organised into different sections (Publications, Collaborations, Further Funding, etc). Under each section header, you will find a short description of what type of data should be entered. 

Please note that not all sections of Researchfish are relevant to all grants, particularly those that have recently been awarded. However, we do ask that you complete and update all sections as fully as possible to ensure that they accurately reflect the outcomes of your research. Your responses will remain in Researchfish so you will not have to re-enter information, only update it for the subsequent years of each grant.

Publications are the most obvious outcome of research, but please do consider other potential outcomes.

Do I still need to provide annual and final reports? 

Yes, all PRUK award holders are still required to submit interim and final reports in addition to the information submitted using Researchfish.

We will ask you to continue submitting information to Researchfish for up to 5 years after your project has ended.

Visit the Researchfish website for further information, or get in touch with the PRUK team at