PRUK is supporting the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to map the landscape of innovation and research in pharmacy

During 2016 we’re working with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to better understand the pharmacy and pharmaceutical research landscape across the UK.

The UK-wide study will provide a national overview of the involvement of pharmacists and other professionals in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research.

Since 2012, Pharmacy Research UK has funded over £1.2M of pharmacy research supporting researchers from across the UK but many other funders also support research in pharmacy. Pharmacy professionals also generate evidence on the efficacy of pharmacy and work to improve services as part of audit, service improvement and evaluation. However there is little understanding of who is doing what and a systematic collection of active work has never been attempted.

You can take part in the study by completing the online survey. The survey aims to identify and gather examples of national research, audit, service evaluation and quality improvement undertaken by any professional (pharmacists or not) in the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science.

Examples include drug discovery/development and any form of patient focused research (clinical trials, medicines optimisation, medication safety, etc.) and health service research (including pharmacy practice).

The results will be published by the RPS and made available to the public later in the year. Deadline for submission is 30th June 2016.

If you have any questions please contact the RPS Research and Evaluation Team.

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