HSRPP Instructions for Authors


  • Abstracts and a completed abstract form MUST be submitted by 17:00 on Friday 6th October 2017.
  • Fax transmissions and postal submissions will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts must be submitted as an email attachment in a Windows version of Word and formatted as outlined below.
  • Each individual can present one paper only. However you may be listed as co-author on any number of abstracts.
  • Please note that two copies of your abstract are required – one full version and one to be anonymised (names, place of work and any identifying information must be removed from the abstract).
  • Please download and fill in the abstract submission form. This must be included in your application.
  • Your abstract file names should follow the following format:
    • Full abstract version – Surname Initial.doc e.g. Smith J.doc
    • Anonymised – ANON Surname Initial.doc e.g. ANON Smith J.doc
  • All applicants will be informed of the adjudicating committee’s decision by w/c Friday 10th November.
  • Any amendments to your abstract must be completed and returned by Monday 27th November.


  • Submitted abstracts should relate to original, previously unpublished work contributing to the understanding, development or evaluation of health service or pharmacy practice research
  • Abstracts are welcome from qualitative and quantitative research projects.
  • We welcome works in-progress provided there is a sufficient amount of results suitable for publishing.
  • Papers on any aspect of pharmacy practice or health services research relevant to medicines or pharmacy are invited. We are keen to include a broad range of subject areas and would particularly welcome papers addressing the following subjects:
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Medicines usage
  • Health policy
  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Health promotion
  • Prescribing issues
  • Interface issues
  • Patient perspectives
  • Measures of outcomes
  • Quality issues
  • Non-medical prescribing
  • Drug utilisation studies
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Health services policy research
  • Pharmacy practice research

Abstract structure

  • Your abstract should be of the following structure:
    • A title (lower case e.g. A cluster randomised controlled…)
    • Background – A brief introduction including a statement of aims & objectives or research question
    • Methods – A description of the methods used and a statement about ethical approval
    • Results – The results obtained
    • Discussion/conclusions The conclusions
  • Please list all authors’ names under the title. Type all names in lower case, initials followed by family name. Example: J. McElnay, C Hughes, G Crealey.
  • Please note subheadings will be removed at publication stage. Please ensure your abstract makes sense without them.
  • Where there is more than one author, the presenting author should be named as first author.  The names of all authors will appear with the abstract.
  • Provide name of institution and email address of corresponding author in lower case. Do not include the full work address.
  • Please note that abstracts that do not conform to this structure will not be accepted.

Abstract format

  • Abstracts must be typed in Times new Roman font 11 in a single column.
  • Tables and references should be typed in Times new Roman font 9.
  • The word count for the abstract should be between 350 words and 500 words (or maximum of 350 words if a table or a figure is included).
    • The word count does not include the title, authors’ details or references.
  • Figures should be black and white and capable of being reproduced clearly when reduced to 55mm wide.
  • Figures should be supplied with a high resolution image file in a popular format, such as TIFF or JPEG.
  • An example of the correct abstract formatting can be accessed here.
  • Abstracts which do not follow these formatting guidelines will not be considered.
  • Each abstract should have only two references.

Abstract style

  • Abstracts should be in the style of the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, as follows:
    • Do not underline or use italics, except as required by usual convention.
    • Do not use lines on tables except on the top and bottom.
    • References should be cited in the text as superscript numbers in the Vancouver style e.g. [3]

Presentation format

  • Presentations will be oral communications or posters.
    • Oral communications will be a 15 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute discussion.
    • There will be a poster discussion forum, where poster presenters will stand by the posters. Posters will be displayed throughout the 2 days of the conference.
  • Please indicate on the Abstract Submission Form if you would accept oral or poster or either type of presentation.

Abstract Review Process

  • Abstracts will be sent to Adjudicating Committee members who will meet in November 2017 to consider the abstracts. They will use the judging criteria set out on the website.
  • Accepted abstracts will be assigned to an appropriate session within the conference on the basis of subject matter and number of abstracts received.
  • Receipt of abstracts will be confirmed by email and authors will receive notification of the committee’s decision by w/c 27th November 2017.