The PRUK PhD Studentship Scheme

This year, Pharmacy Research UK are offering a new funding scheme to support professionals registered in the UK – the PhD Studentship scheme! In addition to this, we are also delighted to confirm that UK registered pharmacy professionals, including pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are eligible to apply to our funding schemes. We recognise the tremendous value that the pharmacy profession, as a whole, has to contribute to research and just how important it is for professionals to be afforded the opportunity to develop research skills and knowledge.

The PhD Studentship scheme is designed to cater for pharmacy professionals who wish to pursue a full-time or part-time PhD at a UK university. This scheme is intended to support the professional research development of pharmacy professionals, who have further ambitions to apply their expertise and contribute to research within their field of choice.

We recognise that pharmacy professionals have a vital voice and unique role in the healthcare setting, which is why we are investing more funds into supporting the research development of pharmacy professionals than ever before.

The PhD Studentship scheme is replacing the former Research Development Awards, which supported funds to undertake a small-scale research project or part of a PhD proposal. We are therefore delighted that we can support the costs of an entire PhD proposal.

The PhD Studentship scheme (as well as other funding opportunities) is included as part of the 2024 funding round, which is now live! You can find out more about these schemes in the link below.


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