The pharmacy workforce: an exploration of factors influencing postgraduate professional development. The transition from foundation to advanced pharmacy practice

Helen Chang, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

The research project aims to explore the development pathway of pharmacists post registration in Great Britain (GB), from the foundation stage of pharmacy practice through to advanced pharmacy practice. It will additionally explore pharmacists’ experience of professional development and how this impacts the management of complex clinical cases in pharmacy practice. 

The project will be conducted in a two phases; each part has a number of objectives. 

Phase  Foundation practice, progression and advancement 

Objectives are: 

  1. To explore how foundation pharmacists progress through their careers and make the transition into advanced practice 
  2. To define the interface between foundation and advanced pharmacy practice 
  3. To determine the period of time taken for a foundation pharmacist to develop advanced practice skills, knowledge and behaviours, i.e. competencies
  4. To define complexity in pharmacy practice
  5. To explore the impact of foundation training on the management of complex clinical cases 

Phase II  Factors influencing progression to advanced practice 

Objectives are: 

  1. To determine whether a structured programme supports foundation pharmacists progress to advanced pharmacy practice 
  2. To explore motivators to progression
  3. To explore barriers to progression 
  4. To explore the support required for progression and propose a model for support 

This project is running from September 2016 to March 2020.