The development of a peer support intervention to address the challenges faced by novice community pharmacists at transition to practice

Esnath Magola, The University of Manchester

The overall aim of the PhD is to develop a peer support intervention for novice community pharmacists at transition to practice. The first and second years provided the theoretical evidence base for challenges that novice community pharmacists face and the use of peer support in transition support programmes. The focus of this application is the third and final year of the PhD. This aims to feasibility test and refine an evidence-based peer support intervention for newly qualified (novice) community pharmacists (NCPs). The objectives of the project are to:- 

  1. Test the feasibility and acceptability of a peer support intervention 
  2. Clarify the suitability of outcomes and their measures
  3. Identify the variance of outcome measures 
  4. Consult with stakeholders to sense check the findings of the feasibility study and discuss the transferability of the intervention into practice 
  5. Inform iterative changes and refinements for the final intervention framework and make recommendations for wider roll-out and evaluation/testing

This project ran from October 2016 to March 2018.