Small Charity Week 2017

Next week The Foundation for Social Improvement (The FSI) are running ‘Small Charity Week 2017’. The event is being run to raise the profile of small charities and to showcase the brilliant work that they do. Pharmacy Research UK will be taking part in the following ways:

  • Engaging on social media to showcase the event and boost the profile of small charities;
  • Taking part in the ‘Big Advice Day’ to find out how we can improve the impact of our research;
  • Attending the annual Fundraising Conference to ensure we have the best possible fundraising strategy.

The event runs from the 19th – 24th June and is split into six days each with a different theme

Monday 19th June – I <3 Small Charities Day

Tuesday 20th June – Big Advice Day

Wednesday 21st June – Policy Day

Thursday 22nd June – Fundraising Day

Friday 23rd June – Small Charity Big Impact Day

Saturday 24th June – Celebration Day

We hope you will join us to celebrate Pharmacy Research UK and small charities in general!

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