Researchfish 2017 Submission Round

This year, the 2017 Researchfish submission round launches on Monday 7th August and all PRUK funded researchers will be contacted very soon. The deadline to submit the project information is Friday 13th October. All researchers who have been funded by PRUK are required to submit information against their Researchfish portfolios on an annual basis.


The purpose of this exercise is so:

  • Researchers have the opportunity to provide updates on what outputs have arisen from their research, so that this is all documented in one location. Researchers can also link their outputs to other projects that they are involved in and also confirm whether they have obtained further funding or progressed with their research down the line.
  • As a funder, PRUK can gain a deeper understanding as to what has arisen from the research we have funded. The PRUK team review all the information submitted via Researchfish to identify any outputs or updates that have either influenced research, policy or practice, in order to demonstrate the measure of the impact and how researchers can be supported to maximise dissemination.


It is vitally important that our researchers give us this information, so that we can provide our supporters and Trustees with evidence that the research we fund is achieving its goal of improving the health of the public through excellence in pharmacy research. If we fail to capture and share the impact of our research, then it will become increasingly difficult to raise the funds we will need to invest in future research. The information that PRUK obtains through Researchfish is therefore crucial to realising the impact that PRUK funded research has.

For further information on how and why PRUK use Researchfish, you can read more on the Researchfish page of our website.

For any queries about submitting an update or other technical issues, please contact Researchfish directly.

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