PRUK response to EU Referendum result

Pharmacy Research UK Response to EU Referendum Result

As a nation we have benefited significantly from EU funding to support research to drive the development of medicines and to improve patient care. Protecting this investment and ensuring continuity of funding support to UK research will be an essential part of our continued success as a world leader in pharmacy research.

The possible effects of the referendum result on the pharmacy research workforce are wide ranging and beyond the direct financial support offered by EU programmes. The free movement of scientists to and from the EU has enabled us and our citizens to actively collaborate across national borders, bringing significant research capacity in to the UK. It is vital that this talent continues to be attracted to the UK and that we can continue to work closely with our EU colleagues.

In addition, as a member of the EU, the regulation of research across the UK, including the governance process around clinical trials, is strongly influenced by EU directives. Ensuring that there is minimal disruption in the governance of research is a key challenge in the years to come.

Moving forward, the UK government and the devolved administrations must work to ensure science, research and innovation are at the forefront of discussions to ensure we are able to remain a world leader in research that benefits patient health.


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