Previous Research Training Bursary Awardees

Matthew Adesuyan
Repurposing cardiovascular disease medicines to prevent neurodegenerative diseases: Analyses of electronic health records

Janine Beezer
Advanced epidemiology analysis & advanced statistical methods

Faiza Yahya
MSc Modules

Robert Oakley
Translational Medicine MSc
Anum Iqbal
PhD training support at Newcastle University and Introductory Course in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Arvind Sami
MSc Evidence Based Healthcare (Medical Statistics)

Ravina Barrett
Short Course in Health Sciences: Essential Medical Statistics
Alexander Moore
MSc in Clinical Pharmacy

Tarirai Moyo
MSc Clinical Pharmacy

Justin Hayde-West
MSc Public Health

Vanessa Reid
Masters of Clinical Research (MClinRes)
Barry Jubraj
Equipping stakeholders to deliver Medicines Optimisation using a collaborative approach (PhD by publication)

Jenny Scott
Should a feasibility study of proactive community pharmacy take home naloxone supply vs. usual care be undertaken?

Catherine Dewsbury
Research interest: whether schools of pharmacy are preparing students for their legal responsibilities in practice or if they have narrowed the law curriculum solely to meet the needs of the General Pharmaceutical Council registration exam

Karrar Karrar
Stregthening the pharmaceutical supply chain in resource limited low- and middle-income countries: A look into pharmaceutical companies' contributions to making antimicrobial supply chains more resilient

Victoria Tavares
MClinRes Y2 Dissertation and Final Units. Aim: to explore in depth undergraduate MPharm student perspectives and views on the causes of differential attainment in a pharmacy context

Onivefu Odelade
Cost-effectiveness of parent-training intervention for managing sleep problems in children with neurodevelopment disorders

Conor McCahill
Hypothesis: High risk medicines are more frequently prescribed in communities with higher measures of health-inequalities
Victoria Tavares
Masters in Clinical Research (MClinRes)
Mr Nicholas Thayer
MSc Community Pharmacy Public Health Services – University of Manchester

Mrs Farida Butt
Implementation and Improvement Science Module (30 credit) Kings College London;
Measurement and Evaluation in Healthcare Module (15 credit) Kings College London

Miss Kimberley Stewart
Public Health MPH

Professor Nina Barnett
Developing research skills through undertaking small scale project which will review the patient
centred approach to pharmacy practice with a focus on using health coaching methods as part
of PhD by prior publication/portfolio - Kingston University, London

Mr Edwin Panford-Quainoo
Masters of Public Health (MPH), University of Liverpool (London Campus)
Ms Rokib Tahmina
Masters in Clinical Pharmacy, University of Sunderland
Sandeep Pahal
Master of Public Health (Health Services Research)

Joan Macleod
Doctorate of Professional Practice

Hayley Berry
Masters in Community Pharmacy Public Health (year three research dissertation)
Mrs Suzanne Hill
MRes in Research Methods, Bradford University

Ms Funke Adeniji
MSc in Global Health Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Mr Alistair Huong
Short courses in Research Methods at the University of East Anglia