PhD training support at Newcastle University and Introductory Course in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Anum Iqbal, Newcastle University


This proposal is focused around the second year of my project that will require me to analyse data and understand the use and development of quantitative research methods. In order to help me analyse my data I will be required to have an understanding of both epidemiology and statistics. Therefore it is fundamental that I enrol onto statistical workshops and courses that will enable me to progress with this project. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) offer an Introductory Course in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics. This is an intensive three week course that teaches the design and interpretation of epidemiological studies and the statistical methods that underpin many of the founding principles. This course will help me to understand the common pitfalls of various study designs, allowing me to choose the best analytical method for my research project. It will also support me in using the Stata software that will be required for my project. The course consists of both taught lectures and practical sessions, setting it aside from other courses of which often tend to be less intensive and instead provide online learning. This course is fundamental to my research and for the progression of this PhD.  

I will also be required to spend time in Cambridge with the CFAS research team. Despite having access to the data, being able to work alongside those that have collected the information and have spent numerous years analysing the data will be extremely beneficial. This will allow me to understand and learn about the study and the collection of data particularly at that site. It will also allow me to better understand my research and provide me with the background information that I will require to conduct my analysis.