Pharmacy Research UK awards a record £200k in research fellowship funding

Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK) is delighted to announce our largest ever annual funding award of nearly £200k to support Pharmacy Research.  These PRUK personal awards are designed to support those new to research as well as pharmacists leading their first projects, fulfilling one of PRUK’s charitable objectives of developing the pharmacy research leaders of the future.  The 13 awards cover a wide range of pharmacy topics that will impact pharmacy services and patient care, such as investigating trends in opioid prescribing, the experience of people with learning disabilities with their medicines and mitigating the challenges faced by community pharmacists at the transition from education into practice.

Dr Rachel Joynes, Trust Director at PRUK said, “We are delighted to be able to fund these awards across the field of pharmacy research. The breadth and quality of applications this year was outstanding and this has been reflected in the record amount that we have been able to award. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of these projects and the positive impact that they will have on pharmacy services and patient care.”

These funding awards are either given in the form of research training bursaries or as personal research awards; PRUK would like to thank the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust for their funding which has enabled many of these awards. The successful applicants are outlined as follows:


Leverhulme Training BursaryProfessor Nina BarnettKingston UniversityDeveloping research skills through undertaking small scale project which will review the patient centred approach to pharmacy practice with a focus on using health coaching methods as part of PhD by prior publication/portfolio - Kingston University, London (level 1)£4,000
Leverhulme Training BursaryMrs Farida ButtKingston UniversityImplementation and Improvement Science Module (30 credit) Kings College London; Measurement and Evaluation in Healthcare Module (15 credit) Kings College London (level 1)£5,000
Leverhulme Training BursaryMiss Kimberley StewartUniversity of SunderlandPublic Health MPH (level 3)£30,314
Leverhulme Training BursaryMr Edwin Panford-QuainooUniversity of LiverpoolMasters of Public Health (MPH), University of Liverpool (London Campus) (level 3)£8,000
Leverhulme Training BursaryMr Nicholas ThayerUniversity of ManchesterMSc Community Pharmacy Public Health Services – University of Manchester (level 3)£2,566
Leverhulme Personal AwardMiss Helen ChangUCLThe pharmacy workforce: an exploration of factors influencing postgraduate professional development. The transition from foundation to advanced pharmacy practice£19,950
Leverhulme Personal AwardMs Joan MacLeodRobert Gordon UniversityAn investigation into the lived experience with medicines of people with learning disabilities in community based residential settings in Grampian£5,110
Leverhulme Personal AwardMs Esnath MagolaUniversity of ManchesterThe development of a peer support intervention to address the challenges faced by novice community pharmacists at transition to practice£24,420
Galen AwardMrs Emma DaviesSwansea UniversityTrends in Opioid Prescribing and Associated resource utilisation in Wales (TOPAS)£24,582
Galen AwardMs Haifa LysterRoyal Brompton and Harefield NHS FoundationDo adults with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) have altered pharmacokinetic profiles to commonly used anti-infectives - caspofungin, posaconazole and voriconazole?£29,833


In addition, PRUK jointly funds two separate research streams with the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) and the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA). The total amount of these awards is £44,339 and were announced at the partners’ respective conferences.  For more information see the BOPA-PRUK Award press release and the UKCPA-PRUK Award press release.


Notes to Editors

PRUK is the principle funder of pharmacy research in the UK. Founded as a result of a merger in 2012 of two previous research funding charities, PRUK has a broad programme of research in place. PRUK funds both research projects and individual bursaries to improve skills across the pharmacy sector. Registered charity number 1148335.

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