MSc Modules

Faiza Yahya, University of Birmingham

As I am an early career researcher and currently scoping the area, the research question specifically is yet to be formulated and finalised for the actual research proposal in future. I am currently applying for a level 1 bursary only and I anticipate that these modules will give me the necessary skills to build my critical thinking skills and knowledge in the areas of population health, health information and how I can develop a research project that will evaluate medicines related transfer of care in the primary care setting. Currently, I am doing a scoping review on the role of primary care pharmacists on post-hospital discharge care of patients. From the results of this review and dependent on the gaps in current research, I will further focus the research question and look at either cost-impact, medication adherence or collaboration with other healthcare professionals (community pharmacists/hospital pharmacists/technicians/care coordinators). 

In order to build my research skills, I have the support of a great employers (consultant pharmacist in primary care and a specialist in pharmaceutical public health) who I will aim to assist in the development of local research to improve local population health.  

 My ultimate aim is to be a clinical academic researcher, retaining my clinical skills in general practice and developing research in primary care to improve health, reduce health inequalities and improve medicines safety. My ambition is to make a difference to medicines-related healthcare within an integrated care system and in the future to support other aspiring pharmacist researchers along the way. 


The final report is available to view here and the abstract is available to view here.