MEMORABLE Interviews

In June this year, the BBC ran a rare feature on pharmacy research and had an excellent short segment documenting the MEMORABLE project led by Dr Ian Maidment. Dr Maidment is Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy at Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences, and a former beneficiary of Pharmacy Research UK’s project grants. One of his colleagues on the project is Sylvia Bailey, who sits on various research review panels assessing Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) credentials. Sylvia is also a member of the Pharmacy Research UK Scientific Advisory Panel.

We spoke to both of them to find out a little more about the project, the big issues we face in medications management, what this means for pharmacy research and how policy needs to change to deal with the pressures the system is under.

Read the interview with Dr. Maidment                         Read the interview with Sylvia Bailey

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