Masters in Community Pharmacy Public Health (year three research dissertation)

Hayley Berry, The University of Manchester

The title of my research project will be: Evaluating the success of the Coventry ASC EHC contraceptive scheme. The Action and support in pregnancy in Coventry (ASC) scheme is a community pharmacy led scheme to supply EHC via PGD to women under 25 years old in the local area. I will be looking into how the scheme is perceived by clients by using focus groups to find out women’s thoughts and ideas about the scheme. I also want to investigate barriers for service delivery and think about how the service could be improved in the future.

Since completing my research I have changed roles and this is due to my interest in research and education that grew during the three years that I was completing my Masters. I have always been a community pharmacist and I really felt that completing the masters has given me more belief in myself that I can go on and develop my career more. I now work as a regional manager and senior learning development pharmacist for CPPE which is something that I would never have had the confidence to do had I not spent time completing my course and conducting my research. Completing this course has made me more interested in research and I am hoping to do further courses and develop myself more once I have settled into my new role. I thoroughly enjoyed the research aspect of my course and I found it relevant to my role as a community pharmacist as I was evaluating a scheme that I offered through my pharmacy and I have forwarded the findings of my research onto public health which is a concept that I would not have considered possible three years ago. This reward allowed me to fund the final year of my masters and enabled me to have time to conduct the research and focus group and hopefully going forward I will be able to become more involved in research throughout my career.

This project ran from September 2014 to September 2015.