Make mentoring your New Year’s resolution

Today marks the beginning of National Mentoring Month. If you are in need of a New Year’s resolution to inspire and motivate you this year, consider becoming a mentor or mentee through the free PRUK mentoring scheme. Effective mentoring is an essential component of expanding the pharmacy academic workforce for the future and continues to be a proven pathway to research career growth and development. All research professionals can recall someone who has helped them navigate their way through the ups and downs of their early research career and turn a corner with a particular project. Advice and guidance imparted by a peer with experience can be an invaluable stepping stone to progressing and moving forward with your work.

Potential Mentors – Want to give back by supporting someone in the same way that you were supported as a novice researcher?  Or perhaps you can provide someone with support that you would have appreciated but never managed to get?  With the Christmas season drawing to a close, consider employing the last of your festive generosity by giving the gift of your time and expertise this year. The mentoring relationship will create an opportunity for your experience and knowledge to be shared, fostering an environment where your mentee will thrive.  As a mentor, you will also contribute to your own professional development, as well as that of a colleague in your profession.

Potential Mentees – Feel like you are stuck in a rut with your research project or career in general? Need someone to guide you in finding the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve this year’s desired goal? A mentor with varied research experience will be able to provide you with constructive help and support and will challenge you to think about your projects from different perspectives. Being a mentee will also help to enhance and grow your network of research active pharmacy professionals – at the critical point when you are just embarking on your career in research.

Professor Rachel Elliot, Professor of Health Economics at the University of Manchester said, “Mentoring for me is all about being lucky enough to spend time with energetic and amazing individuals. If I can drop the ladder for someone else to climb up and get where they want to be in the same way that I have been helped, that’s a priceless legacy to hand on.”

Helen Chang, a PRUK researcher, said, “My mentors have been extremely helpful in providing me with focus and have supported me through some challenging situations. Although they might not always have the answer, they work with me to find one and empower me to make the next step to achieve my objectives.”

Further Information

Mentor Information Page

Mentee Information Page

For anyone interested in joining the scheme as a mentor or mentee, please fill out an appropriate application form in the pages above and return it to practice.research@rpharms.com.


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