Hanbury Memorial Award Winner Announced

Professor Bob Hider, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at King’s College London has been named this year’s recipient of the Hanbury Memorial Award supported by Pharmacy Research UK.

Established in 1972 to recognise “high excellence in the prosecution or promotion of original research in the natural history and chemistry of drugs”, this prestigious award is given every 5 years in the memory of pharmacist Daniel Hanbury, one of the leading 19th century experts on pharmacognosy, the study of the medicinal application of plants.

For many years Professor Hider’s research has focussed on the design of clinically useful chelating agents. His work has had global impact with one compound in use for the treatment of thalassaemia, an inherited blood disorder. Two more compounds for the treatment of neurodegeneration and sickle cell anaemia are currently in clinical trials.

Professor Anthony Smith, Chair of Pharmacy Research UK’s board of Trustees, commented:

“Professor Hider’s distinguished academic career and contribution to drug discovery mark him out as a world-class researcher and a worthy recipient of this award. Pharmacy Research UK is proud of its association with the Hanbury Memorial Award which recognises and celebrates excellence in past and present scientific enquiry”.

The award was presented at the launch of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s new publication New Medicines, Better Medicines Better Use of Medicines a guide to the science underpinning pharmaceutical practice at the Royal Society.

For further information please contact enquiries@pharmacyresearchuk.org  or call 020 7572 2278

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