Research Mentor Scheme


The one-to-one Research Mentor Scheme seeks to bring together experienced researchers / academics and novice / junior pharmacy researchers to enable the latter to develop research knowledge relating to their practice with the support of an e-mentor.

This can be done using whatever methods best suit the individuals involved, for example, email, telephone or face-to-face.

The advantages of the Research Mentor Scheme are:

For the mentee:

  • Support and advice on key research areas (concept development through to grant applications);
  • Forging professional links with researchers; and
  • Access to a critical friend who can listen to your idea

For the mentor:

  •  Opportunity to help and support the future academic workforce;
  •  Potential to extend collaborations outside of academia; and
  •  Access to emerging research talent.

For the Pharmacy Profession:

  • Strengthening the link between academia and practice; and
  • Research capacity building.

We will seek to match individuals with suitable mentors. The information you provide us will not be disclosed to anyone, we will use this information solely for the purpose of pairing mentors with mentees. Once we have found a suitable match, an introductory email will be sent to both parties, and it is up to you to take it from there.

For further details regarding the Research Mentor Scheme and to register your interest as a mentor or mentee, please contact the Research Team.

RPS logoFor guidance and support relating mentoring see the mentoring resources available open- access from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society: