Emma Davies wins prize at the RPS Winter Summit

We are delighted to announce that PRUK funded researcher Emma Davies was awarded the runner up prize for her poster presentation at the RPS Winter Summit. Her presentation on Trends in strong opioid prescribing in a primary care population: preliminary results is based on her study “Trends in opioid prescribing and associated resource utilization in Wales” which was funded through her 2016 personal research award. Emma previously won a first prize oral presentation when presenting her initial research findings for the same PRUK funded study at the College of Human and Health Sciences Post-graduate research conference held at Swansea University in September.

The project explores the overall use of opioids in the Welsh population and examines the impact of existing opioid prescribing patterns and the potential benefits of change. The effectiveness and safety of long-term opioid use in the management of chronic pain will be explored as well as any association with differences in other health care utilization or clinical morbidity in those receiving opioids for Chronic Pain compared to those who do not.

Emma said, “When the Welsh Government announced a move towards a prudent approach to Health Care in 2014, pain management was highlighted as one of the first areas for review.  There have also been two reviews by the Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse into fears over the misuse of prescribed analgesics, opioids being the greatest concern. These initiatives highlighted the understanding of opioid prescribing in Wales was not complete; available prescribing data is limited as it does not provide information about why the drugs were prescribed and knowing that is fundamental to improving care in future. In regards to future dissemination for the project, I have a paper in preparation that extends the findings discussed on the poster as well as some other interesting findings which I am hoping to get published in the New Year”.

Stage 2 of the study will commence early in 2018 and will examine the healthcare resource utilisation of patients receiving opioids for six non-cancer pain-related conditions compared to those with the same conditions who were not prescribed them. It is brilliant to see the project receiving acknowledgement and praise from experts in the field through effective dissemination methods. PRUK look forward to seeing the far-reaching implications and beneficial outputs that the research will generate for Chronic Pain sufferers upon its completion.

Applications for the 2018 round of Awards and Bursaries will be open from early January 2018 and close on the 2nd May 2018. PRUK are thrilled to announce that funding for personal awards will now be open to pharmacists who are non-RPS members from next year. Pharmacists who are RPS members are still eligible to apply.


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