Congratulations to one of our beneficiaries!

Pharmacy Research UK would like to take an opportunity to congratulate Dr. Frances Notman from the University of Aberdeen on completing her PhD!

Frances has been a long-time friend of the charity and received the Sir Hugh Linstead Fellowship from the Pharmacy Practice Research Trust (one of PRUK’s founding trusts) in 2011 and the Leverhulme Personal Award in 2012 from Pharmacy Research UK. Frances’ awards helped to support her throughout her PhD journey, and culminated in a project in which she collaborated with PRUK SAP member Professor Christine Bond and her colleagues from the University of Aberdeen, Dr Terry Porteous and Dr Peter Murchie.

We contacted Christine to find out her thoughts and she said “Frances is to be congratulated on completing her PhD in an important clinical area. The topic is of direct relevance to the detect cancer early initiatives and an example of the benefits of adopting a rigorous and iterative research approach to inform future roles for our profession.”    

You can read the final report here:

Understanding patients’ self-management of early cancer symptoms and exploring the potential role of community pharmacy in earlier diagnosis

Frances has overcome some incredible hurdles on her PhD journey (Click here to see an interview from 2013) and we are all immensely proud of her. Keep your eyes peeled for a featured news article with her later this month!

Frances Notman (left) and Christine Bond (right)

Frances Notman (front, far right)


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