AMRC Open Research

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) to launch a joint publication platform, AMRC Open Research, along with other medical research charities. The platform will serve as a portal through which research and scholarly output in any field can be submitted rapidly for publication. The aim of this initiative is to accelerate access to research findings whilst removing many of the barriers that researchers face when deciding how to disseminate their results.

AMRC’s platform will follow in the footsteps of Wellcome’s, which has had a concrete positive impact on research dissemination. Prior to its existence, researchers strived to publish their work in the highest impact journals available to them, which often prevented the swift publication of their findings. Journals can also have excessive review process durations that are subject to substantial delays. This is to the detriment of science and research, as it causes delays in communicating evidence that could inform current research. By making articles available in a shorter time frame, AMRC Open Research will help speed up our understanding of conditions and diseases that affect patients and the public across the country.

AMRC’s platform is ideal for researchers who wish to quickly share and publish their research outputs without restrictions and engage in scholarly debate through an open invited peer-review process. Once published, articles will be reviewed by experts in their respective field. The use of post publication peer review changes the role of a reviewer from helping a journal editor decide what to accept and reject to focussing on aiding the author to improve their work.

PRUK are proud to be one of 23 charities that are working with AMRC’s Open Research, as this new platform will present another important avenue for research to be openly available within a short space of time. Applicants who are funded under both the PRUK Project Grants and Personal Research Awards scheme would be eligible to publish research through Open Research, subject to approval by the PRUK Scientific Advisory Panel.

For further information on this, please email office@pharmresuk.org.uk

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