A qualitative scoping study exploring the role of the community pharmacist in medication management in people with dementia dwelling in the community

Principal Investigator: Ian Maidment, Aston University

– With increasing cognitive impairment, medication management in PwD becomes the responsibility of informal carers.  

 – The whole process of managing the medication of someone with dementia was generally complex and challenging, which created both practical problems and an emotional burden for the informal carer 

 – Informal carers need appropriate support from Health and Social care Professionals (HSCPs). 

  Community pharmacists could provide further support to the informal carers of PwD with medication management. 

 – Community pharmacists need to work outside the physical environment of their community pharmacy to deliver such support. 

 – There is a clear need for further research to develop the mechanismby which community pharmacists could provide such support, and then test the effectiveness of the mechanisms.

This project ran from September 2014 to February 2016. The final report is available here.