A new start

As I write this I am just in to my third week as the chief executive for Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK), which I think still qualifies me as ‘new’.

It’s been an incredibly interesting first three weeks, meeting my fantastic colleagues at PRUK, setting in to a new office and beginning to learn more about all the research work that we are supporting across the UK.

For me it’s also the start of my journey to understand more about the massive contribution that pharmacists are making to the health of the nation, and how research can help drive that even further.

My background is within the charity sector – I’ve led policy and campaigning work at a large charity, and more recently worked as chief executive for a small health charity. This means I’ve worked on issues within the health sector, and on research programmes, but that I am new to the pharmacy world.

I’ve already begun to get a sense of just how diverse pharmacy is, and how many different roles and responsibilities pharmacists can take on. I’ve also begun to see, thanks to my colleagues at PRUK, Victoria and Desh, how important our work is in supporting the research base in pharmacy and helping more pharmacists to get involved in research.

Over the coming weeks and months I’m going to be trying to get out to meet people and to learn as much as I can about the challenges and opportunities facing pharmacists, and where research might be able to make a difference. I’m also very interested to hear from anyone with any thoughts or ideas about our work – anyone can contact me on guy.parckar@pharmresuk.org.uk.

We’re a very small charity, but one that already makes a big difference – if anyone feels there are even more things we could do, or areas of work where more research could help drive real positive change, let us know! I look forward to hearing from you.

Guy Parckar

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