Master of Public Health (Health Services Research)

Sandeep Pahal, Sheffield University

Project Aims and Objectives

My overall aim is to understand the current types and associated issues related to fitness to practice cases involving pharmacists in England.
Objectives are:
– Undertake content analysis to provide descriptions of the types of cases heard to date by the GPhC Fitness to Practice Committee, together with details of the characteristics of those involved, and the determinations/decision.
– Analyse the data to identify trends and characteristics in relation to professional or personal misdemeanours.
– Sample a group of key stakeholders to identify their experiences and views about current fitness to practice issues.

Related to these, my research questions are:
– What are the characteristics (such as length of registration, pharmacist role, location, age) of pharmacists who are involved in fitness to practice issues?
– What types of fitness to practice issues are reported?
– What disciplinary actions are taken by the GPhC?
– What are the experiences and views of stakeholders about fitness to practice issues?

This project ran from September 2014 to September 2017. The final report can be viewed here.